Internet Best Friend is a lifestyle blog by Hillary Black.

All things healthy-ish. fitness, food, style, travel and my life as a startup co-founder, marketer, strategist & robot designer in Detroit, MI.


Hey 👋 I’m Hillary, aka your internet best friend.

I started my first blog when I was in 7th grade (it was a xanga). Since then, I’ve had many other blogs and a career in social media (turned entreprenuer, turned chatbot expert and strategist and wearer of many fashionable hats). One thing has always remained the same though, I love documenting my experiences and things I like, and I love making friends online. As a true internet girl, I’ve found a lot more people online that truly “get me” and want to connect with more. I want you to feel like I’m one of your bffs, because I am. This is our virtual friendship bracelet 💕

I also created this blog to encourage me to try new things and build habits. I’ve found that the more accountability I create (to you, my new bff), the more likely new things stick. Having a creative outlet and working towards my goal of organizing my life, finding hobbies I enjoy, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and growing my self like a business is one of best ways I can keep myself on track, and sharing my tips & tools I find along the way makes all of that FUN!




IRL, I live in Detroit, MI with my dog Harry and my husband Matthew. I love weight lifting, fashion, traveling, home decor, creating healthy dessert recipes, and finding new coffee shops. I’m trying to get a bullet journal started so I can be more organized. Even though I love curating visuals and color coordinating all of my clothes when I fold them, I’m super messy! I’m also working on being better with money, getting out of the house, shopping less, and being more flexible with my routines. Hopefully with this blog, I’ll have even more fun “life” things to put in this section 😉


My work is a huge part of my life! Being married to an entrepreneur and as a co-founder of that company myself, for us it’s less of work/life, and more work|life. So to say what I do in that, I design and create automated assistants and experiences with personality. AKA conversational robots. Our products, technology, strategies and perspective help our partners automate and scale conversations and grow their business. I’m proud to contribute to our industry with free tools, an active community of designers, and share everything I’m learning on my Medium blog.